Case Study – Electric Vehcile Charging Points Install for Edmondson Electrical

We had been asked by Edmondson Electrical to assess the viability of installing an electric vehicle charger as a demonstrator for their Rolec range which they will be distributors for.

Edmondson’s went for a Rolec 230v 7kW fast charger offering themselves and their customers a chance to charge electric We vehicles whilst they shop for their parts. The Rolec charger is public accessible area so they wanted to be able to restrict the use whilst in closing hours, a simple lock on the side of the unit with a key held by the staff offers the security they are looking for.

Having surveyed the area, we found the ideal solution was to run an internal cable high-level dropping down to the charger with the cable and connections discretely hidden and not detracting from the view of just the charger. The vehicle charging area was also high-lighted with a blue marked out parking space and sign.

We explained the method of installation to the client and where advised that this method was satisfactory.

The installation went without any problems following careful planning and was completed within a very good timescale with minimal disruption to the operation of their business. Another successful installation by Apollo and also putting a fantastic customer on the road to going green.

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